September 23, 2019
  • September 23, 2019
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Crypto Brings Tax Evasion to General Masses

by on July 22, 2019 0
The deregulation and the lenient financial laws, over the course of the last two centuries, have allowed rich to tread fine line between the legal tax avoidance and illegal tax evasion and for that purpose the idea of offshore banking in 19th century Europe, the wealthy families and merchants had first conjured up for... Read More

Facebook Unveiled An Ambitious Plan of Libra Cryptocurrency

by on June 18, 2019 0
Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ:FB) stock rose 1.84% in pre-market trade on Tuesday. Finally, Facebook Inc unveiled an ambitious plan on Tuesday, that aims to create an alternative financial system, that depends on a cryptocurrency that the company has been secretly working on for more than a year. The cryptocurrency by Facebook called Libra,... Read More